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Property Management



Peace of mind for landlords


The properties which are professionally managed for rent in Shanghai are increasingly in demand. Our comprehensive Property Management service is designed to give our landlords peace of mind. Merry Home’s Property Management Team is currently managing more than 300 high-end properties.


Tenants prefer property managed by Merry Home


These days, more and more tenants request managed properties managed by Merry Home as it allows a better professional service, removing emotion from both sides. Our Property Management package includes services such as handling administration as well as assistance with more complex issues and the provision of a 24-hour emergency helpline.


Merry Home’s Property Management Service aims to increase the return on investment of their properties for landlords while to improve tenants’ satisfaction.


房屋推广 Property Promotion

1.Free property valuation with advisory service; Promotion documents with professional and design pictures designing and making.


2.Put the lease information on the main expatriates-oriented media and websites in Shanghai


3.Promote through telephone, fax, email, the property with over 100 property agencies working for expatriates leasing in Shanghai.


4.Promote with Merry Home’s potential clients.


5.Arrange professional property consultants to give onsite presentation to the potential tenants, to answer any related inquiries and introduce the surrounding area of the property.


6.Choose suitable tenants and proceed contract negotiation and signing.

从意向客户中筛选合适租客, 合同细节洽谈,安排签约。


后续管理 Property Management

1.Property preparation which may includes, wall-painting, furniture purchase, internet and satellite tv installation, curtain cleaning, whole-house cleaning, etc.


2.On the day of checking-in, confirmation of the furniture list and the utilities readers, and assure the tenants to move in smoothly.


3.Payment of management fee, parking fee and the utilities fees upon request. Positively involved in the problem solving with the management office and engineers and assure the tenant’s a hassle-free life.


4.Send the landlord the monthly asset management report.


5.Negotiate two months before the expiry of the tenancy, with the tenant, about the renewing or termination of the lease contract and inform the landlord the results promptly.


6.On the day of checking-out, confirmation of the furniture list, check all the furnitures and appliances. Settle the utilities fee and refund the deposit, to finish by the property handover.


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