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Founded in 1998 and since then, Merry Home has been focusing on high-end residential brokerage services and corporate relocation services in Shanghai. With the combination of relocation and real estate experience, we are able to provide a wide range of high-quality, tailor-made property solutions for expats. Our services are designed to cater to corporate clients as well as individuals. Through this experience Merry Home has become one of Shanghai’s most recognized brands. Merry Home's residential leasing brokerage service has been enjoying a good reputation among Shanghai’s residential leasing industry since 1998 and started to transact residential sales brokerage in 2007. As one of the best performed Shanghai-based high-end real estate agencies, Merry Home surpasses our competitors in its extensive local property knowledge and brokerage experience.


Merry Home deeply understand that finding a satisfied home is the core of our service. After 20 years of continuous accumulation, we are now having thousands of properties which are suitable for our home hunters. Together with our professional property management system, our property consultants are able to provide the best options for our clients in the shortest time.
We have totally 58, 000+ properties all over Shanghai till Jan. 2016.








About Laofangzi 关于老房子团队:

52laofangzi stands for “we love old house” in Chinese Pingyin. We only focus on old house market in Shanghai. There are always a group of people who has passion on the historical memories of this lovely city. When the West meets the East, the antiquity meets the vogue, you know how charming it would be...

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Enquiry Hotline
(86-21) 6433 9672